The Pushcart War and not much else

This week I finished a unit on The Pushcart War by Jean Merrill, a classic that my 4th/5th graders found as fresh as I did when I was their age. It’s a small class in a homeschool coop, so to end the book I had them each take 6 chapters and make their own graphic novel adaptation. The results were simply wonderful, showcasing their engagement with the book along with letting them use their own creative gifts. They were so nervous to present them in class but they all received each other’s work with enthusiasm and we ended things on a real high note.

This week we begin The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander. I remember reading this book in school when I was in 6th grade and went on to read and reread the whole series numerous times. I began reading it out loud to my 7 year old and she is begging me every night to read more more more. I hope this is only the beginning of what I hope will be a lifetime love of epic fantasy.

In my personal reading time, I started and stopped several different books, nothing worth talking about, unfortunately. Wish me better luck this week.

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  1. Hi, I am partially homeschooling my children. We live in Israel and my 3rd grader reads English like a native American, which I am. He just read the Pushcart War and I am looking for a question guide to assess his reading comprehension. I would also like to work on his writing skills since he writes on a lower level than he reads. Any suggestions?

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