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See How Much I Love You by Luis Leante

Synopsis: Santiago and Montse were young lovers, but after their breakup in 1975 Santiago flees to the Western Sahara with the Spanish army, to be caught up in the war between the Moroccans and the Saharawi and become lost in refugee camps until 20 years later Monste, now a doctor, sees his picture and embarks upon a rescue journey. Review: While I absolutely appreciate Luis Leante’s technical excellence and command of historical events, I really couldn’t stay engaged with See How Much I Love You.…

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My Child Won’t Eat by Carlos Gonzalez, MD

Synopsis: A reassuring guide to help parents promote healthy eating habits. Review: Superfast Baby has not shown much interest in solid food, so My Child Won’t Eat was really helpful for me. Basically it reassured me that I can trust my instincts that she is getting the nutrition she needs from breastmilk, and that quality (ie, healthy food) is more important than quantity (no force feeding). Share on Facebook

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