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Summer House With Swimming Pool, Swiss Family Robinson, Greek Myths, Veggies

I’m mixing up the format up in here. I’m finding that most of the books I read don’t warrant a whole blog post, plus I’m reading a ton of books that I don’t list here because they’re for homeschool, or they’re cookbooks or other reference books. Starting this week, as I approach the end of my 9th year of blogging, I’m going to post a weekly update on what I’m reading. If a book is awesome (like anything written by T. Greenwood), I’ll give it…

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The Dinner by Herman Koch

Synopsis: Two brothers and their wives get together over dinner at an upscale restaurant to discuss what to do about a shocking act committed by their sons. Review: The Dinner is a relentlessly twisty novel with a secretive narrative. What’s not to love? As the absurdly hoity-toity meal unfolds, the complex layers of the narrator’s life unfold in devastating ways. He is a calm man, not given to excess, who possesses a deep admiration for his wife. His brother is campaigning for prime minister in…

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